5 feminine color palettes for your new website

Today, I’m going to share with you 5 feminine color palettes that will make your website really stand out from the crowd!

5 feminine color palettes for your new website

Lavender Kiss

Lavender is a calming color that is associated with relaxation, so it’s no surprise that it’s perfect for your website. Lavender can be combined with other colors to create a soft and romantic palette. It’s associated with spring and summer, so if you want your site to feel fresh and bright but still feminine, this color scheme might be just what you need! Lavender can also bring luxury and romance into your design–it’s no wonder this shade is often associated with femininity!

Rosy Blush

If you’re looking for a color palette that is soft, feminine and romantic, Rosy Blush is the perfect choice. This scheme combines soft pink hues with red shades to give your wedding website a vintage or romantic look.

This palette works well with pastel-colored images or photos with muted tones. The lightness of these colors makes them ideal for websites related to weddings or other happy occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and baby showers (especially if those babies are girls).

Lovely Peony

The peony is a symbol of love and friendship. It represents prosperity and wealth, beauty and grace, honor and respect, elegance and sophistication.

Evening Sky

Elegant and sophisticated, this palette is perfect for a website that needs to convey luxury. The deep purple gives you the feeling of royalty and spirituality, while blue is associated with calmness, trust and loyalty.

Blue/purple has been found to be one of the most popular color combinations for websites with a corporate or professional look. It’s also known as “the power combo,” because it conveys wealth and prestige so well!

Earthy Vibes

Earthy tones are a great color palette for websites that focus on organic products, natural remedies, or holistic health. The earthy hues of browns, yellows and greens are a calming color palette that can help you relax when you’re looking at your screen.


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